Cross-listing Courses

A cross-listed course is a single course that is offered under more than one department for registration. For a course to be cross-listed in WGSS it must devote at least one-half of their time to include some combination of the following women and/or gender and/or sexuality and/or race. The WGSS departmental approval steps are listed below.

  • Supporting Materials: Instructors should include either a full syllabus or a detailed course description and reading list to the DUS
  • Deadlines: Requests should be received at least two (2) weeks before course schedules are due.
  • Review Process: Requests will be reviewed and approved by the DUS, with input from the Chair as needed.
  • Course Numbers: One-time cross-listings will be listed as WGS 385, our special topics course.

Permanently cross-listing a course requires approval by the College's Curriculum Committee. See the Curriculum Committee website for forms, rules, and deadlines.

  • Supporting Materials: The instructor must provide a syllabus and a letter of intent that explains why permanently cross-listing the course with WGSS is desirable. The DUS will write a letter of support in return. The home department then submits the needed copies to the Curriculum Committee.
  • Deadlines: Early October and early February.
  • Course Numbers: A permanent WGSS course number will be assigned.