Bodies, Sexuality, and Science

Faculty working at the intersection of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, literature, history, psychology, science studies, and disability studies examine the ways in which the body is a social construct, an empirical object, a historical figure, and a powerful means of representing forms of equality and inequality in broader society. We have research specialties in the racialization and sexualization of particular bodies, as well as the biological dimensions of sexuality and gender. Our faculty has strong expertise in feminist and queer theories of embodiment, as well as sustained scholarly interest in the empirical and political struggles around the body. We have fostered associations with the Emory's Race and Difference Initiative, the Psychoanalytic Studies Program, the Neurosciences Initiative, the Health Sciences Humanities, and Studies in Sexualities in order to build strong interdisciplinary foundations for our studies of the body. By studying racial, sexual, and corporeal ambiguities, we investigate identity formations and their relationship to embodiment.

These courses are designated by course number WGS 589.