Race, Class, and Justice

Scholarly inquiry in the Emory Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is profoundly shaped by the discipline's roots in social movements and feminist activism in particular. Much of our research and coursework engages issues of social, economic, and political justice, particularly as they relate to the intersecting dynamics of gender, race, sexuality and class. Faculty members working in this area have particular expertise in both empirical and theoretical modes of inquiry. Some of the various sites of justice and injustice we study include: U.S. and transnational labor markets; transnational communities and processes of immigrant incorporation in the U.S. South; the politics and practice of representation in the U.S.; poverty and welfare debates in the U.S.; histories of transatlantic slavery and emancipation; international human rights regimes and post-conflict justice mechanisms; and citizenship, political dissent, and political discourse in the U.S.

These courses are designated by course number WGS 586.