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Chanel Craft Tanner. Ph.D. Thesis: "Beyond the Bars: Using U.S. Third World Feminism to Read Carcerality in Hip-Hop"

Natalie Turrin: Ph.D. Thesis: "Of a Similar Nature: Epigenetics and Feminist Science Studies in Conversation"


Mark Smith. Ph.D. Thesis: “Bypassing the asexual paradox: A strategic retelling of the history of asexuality”

Rachel Weitzenkorn. Ph.D. Thesis: "Faces of babies: Empirical evidence on the borders of biology, psychology, and feminism”


Lauran Whitworth. Ph.D. Thesis: "Environmental Eros: From Ecofeminism to Eco-Queer"

Mairead Sullivan. Ph.D. Thesis: "Strange Matter: Lesbian Death in Feminist and Queer Politics"

Nikki Karalekas. Ph.D. Thesis: "Strip Clubs and the Legal Everyday: Sex Work Studies and the Law"

Rachel Dudley. Ph.D. Thesis: "Haunted Hospital: J. Marion Sims and The Legacies of Enslaved Women"


Samantha Allen. Ph.D. Thesis: "Feeling Fetishes: Toward an Affective Theory of Sexuality."

Kristin Petersen. Ph.D. Thesis: "The Logic of Futurity: Reproduction, Cultural Eugenics."


Kelly Ball. Ph.D. Thesis "So Powerful a Form: Rethinking Girls' Sexuality."

Current position: Instructor in Women's Studies, Agnes Scott College

Alysia Davis. Ph.D. Thesis "To Honor and Obey: Hegemonic Negotiation in Contemporary Marriage Politics."

Current position: Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Whitney Peoples. Ph.D. Thesis "Beyond Birth Control: Public Life of YAZ and Rep's of Women's Repro Health in the US Public Sphere."

Current position: Post Doctoral Provost, University of Texas

Shani Settles. Ph.D. Thesis "Flesh and Blood, Breath and Spirit: African Diaspora Religions & Womanist Discourses of Wholeness."

Current position: Visiting Professor, Haverford College (PA)


Moya Bailey. Ph.D. Thesis "Race, Religion, and Gender in Early Emory School of Medicine Yearbooks."

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Northeastern University

Cyd Cipolla. Ph.D. Thesis "After These Horrendous Crimes, that Creature Forfeits his Rights: The Sexually Violent Offender as Exceptional Criminal."

Current position: Associate Faculty Individualized Study, NYU - Gallatin 

Kristina Gupta. Ph.D. Thesis "Compulsory Sexuality and Its Discontents: The Challenge of Contemporary Asexualities."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Wake Forest  

Aimi Hamraie. Ph.D. Thesis "What Can Universal Design Know?: Bodies as Evidence in Disability-Accessible Design."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Gender and Disability, Vanderbilt University

Aby Parsons. Ph.D. Thesis "Sapphic Scarlett's, Dixie Dykes, and Tomboys: Representing female - Bodies Queerness in Contemporary Southern Novels and Film."

Current position: Director of LGBTQIA Resource Center, Georgia Tech


Lisa C. Knisley. Ph.D. Thesis "The Gendered Subject of Violence: Towards a Feminist Account of Ethical Freedom."

Current position: Writer, Render: Feminist Food & Culture Quarterly

Stefanie Speanburg. Ph.D. Thesis "American, Woman, Borderline: The Material-Discursive Production of Borderline Personality."

Current position: Counselor, Private Practice, Atlanta

Angela LaGrotteria. Ph.D. Thesis "Engendering Regions in Contemporary Novels of Appalachia and the U.S. Southwest."

Current position: College Access Coordinator, Oberlin College

Shannan Palma. Ph.D. Thesis "Tales as Old as Time: Myth, Gender, and the Fairytale in American Popular Culture."

Current position: Program Coordinator for Diversity, Emory University

A. Rez Pullen. Ph.D. Thesis "Preface to Transgender: Fractures of the Wrong Body."

Current position: Dean, Wesley International Academy

Brandy Simula. Ph.D. Thesis "A `Different Economy of Bodies and Pleasures'?: Gender, Power, and Sexuality in BDSM Interactions."

Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Emory University.

Danica Camille Tisdale Fisher. Ph.D. Thesis "The Pageant Politic: Race and Representation in American Beauty Contests and Culture."

Current position: Fellowship Coordinator, Center for Global Education, Claremont McKenna College.

Erin Marie Tunney. Ph.D. Thesis  "Disrupting Patriarchy: Challenging Gender Violence in Post-Apartheid South Africa and Post-Conflict Northern Ireland."

Current position: Researcher, Gender Inequality in Governmentm University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Jae Turner [Mary J. Turner]. Ph.D. Thesis "Mary E. Hutchinson: The Absence of an Oeuvre."

Current position: Adjunct professor, Kennesaw State University and the University of West Georgia

Elizabeth Venell. Ph.D. Thesis " Queer Projections: Sexuality and Visibility through the Avant-Garde Lens."

Current position: Adjunct professor, Emory University, Oxford College.

Sarah Vitorino. Ph.D. Thesis "Overcoming the Odds: Understanding Formerly Incarcerated Women's Desistance from Crime."

Current position: Life coach and Inspirational speaker


Sarah Prince. Ph.D. Thesis "With `Two Throats and One Eye': Abject Female Friendships in Contemporary American Women's Novels."

Elizabeth Simoneau. Ph.D. Thesis "Subjugated Citizenship: The Politics and Psychology of Domesticity in The Street by Ann Petry, The Dollmaker by Hariette Arnow, and The Changelings by Jo Sinclair."

Current position: Copy Editor, PreMedia Global.


Paula Jayne. Ph.D. Thesis "U.S. Attitudes toward Adolescent Sexual Activity: A Feminist Analysis of the Second Demographic Transition."

Current position: Safety Unintential Injury, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jennifer M. Nelson. Ph.D. Thesis "Separate Shelves: Gender Distinctions and Market Segmentation in American Children's Publishing: 1860-1960."

David Rubin. Ph.D. Thesis "Intersex Before and After Gender."

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Angela Willey. Ph.D. Thesis "From Pair Bonding to Polygamy: A Feminist Critique of Naturalizing Discourses on Monogamy and Non-Monogamy."

Current position: Assistant Professor, Feminist Science Studies, UMASS Amherst/Five Colleges


Dawn Comeau. Ph.D. Thesis "Sexual Identity, Behavior and Health: Women Who Have Relationships with Women and Men."

Current position: Research Assistant Professor, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University.

Aida Ahmed Hussen. Ph.D. Thesis "Specters of Bondage: Freedom, Desire and Historical Memory in Contemporary African American Literature."

Current position: Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Alyssa Levy. Ph.D. Thesis "Pressured Speech: The Work of Narrative in Manic Depressive Storytelling."

Shruthi Vissa. Ph.D. Thesis "Romancing the Empire: Masculinity as Nationalist Imperialist Spectacle in Heterosexual and Lesbian Romance Novels."


Yamini Atmavillas. Ph.D. Thesis "Of Love and Labor: Women Workers, Modernity and Changing Gender Relations in Bangalore."

Current position: Associate Professor of Gender, Administrative Staff College of India.

Jennifer Freeman [Marshall]. Ph.D. Thesis "Constructions of Literary and Ethnographic Authority, Canons, Community and Zora Neale Hurston."

Current position: Assistant Professor of English and Women's Studies, Purdue University.

Michele Polk. Ph.D. Thesis "Feminist Comix: Saving these Fragile Pieces of History."

Yael Sherman. Ph.D. Thesis "Fashioning Our Selves: Power, Gender, and Normalization in Personal Makeover Television Shows."

Current position: Senior Editor, Development and Alumni Relations, Emory University


Alicia C. Decker. Ph.D. Thesis "Beyond the Barrel: Women, Gender and Military Rule in Idi Amin's Uganda, 1971-1979."

Current position: Associate Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and African Studies at Penn State.

Dana McGraw.

Current position: Director of National Scholarship and Fellowship Program, Emory University.

Shelia O'Connor-Ambrose. Ph.D. Thesis "That I Will Find My Best Life: The Role of Marriage in the Quest for the Dedicated Life in the Works of Gail Godwin."

Current position: Dean of Liberal Arts, Saint Mary's College of California.

Jennifer Thomas. Ph.D. Thesis "Literary Landscapes of Distrubed Minds: Madness, Narrative, and Healing in Bessie Head's 'A

Question of Power' and Erna Brodner's 'Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home.'"

Lisa Weir. Ph.D. Thesis "Cyberfeminism and Feminist Web Development."


Sara Puotinen. Ph.D. Thesis "Female Ethics and the Project of Democracy."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Christina Trent. Ph.D. Thesis "Forgetting Rape: Sexual Violence and Social Justice in America."

Current position: Freelance Writer.


Jennifer Higgins. Ph.D. Thesis "Sex, Power, and Politics: The Origins of SExual Harrassment Policy in the U.S."

Current position: Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ime Kerlee. Ph.D. Thesis "Transnational Dreaming: (E)Raced Bodies & Engendered Mobility in Dominicanidad."

Current position: Academic and Diversity Consultant

Kristi McKim. Ph.D. Thesis "The Astounded Soul: Cinematic Time and Photogenic Love (Wim Wnders, Agnes Varda,

Hirokazu Kore-eda)."

Current position: Assistant Professor of English/Film Studies, Hendrix College.


Jennifer Shaw. Ph.D. Thesis "Exchange & Excess: The Production and Effects of the Female Nude in Modern Visual Culture."

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, Ohio State University.


Virginia Bonner. Ph.D. Thesis "Cinematic Caesuras: Experimental Documentary and the Politics of Form in Left Bank Films by

Resnais, Marker, Varda."

Current position: Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, Clayton State University.

Laura Crawley. Ph.D. Thesis "Roots of Continuity or Casualties of Change? Mothers in Twentieth Century Southern Women's Fiction."

Current position: Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Gwinnett Campus; Interim Director of Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Georgia

Namita Goswami. Ph.D. Thesis "Who was Roop Kanwar?: The Subject in Question in Contemporary Feminist Theory."

Current position: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Indiana State University.

Nicola Graves. Ph.D. Thesis "In a World of Her Own': Interpretation of the Female Individual."

Current position: Assistant Professor, Goizueta School of Business, Emory University.

Karon Jolna. Ph.D. Thesis "Beyond Race and Gender? The New Managing Diversity for Women: A Dual Approach."

Current position: Research Scholar, Center for the Study of Women, UCLA.

Kristen Rambo. Ph.D. Thesis "Tricial Complaints': The Role of Privacy in Domestic Violence Law and Activism in the U.S."

Current position: Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lauren Watel. Ph.D. Thesis "In the Family Way: Pregnancy in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema."

Current position: Freelance writer.


Liliane Baxter. Ph.D. Thesis "To Heal and Recreate Ourselves: Shame, the Holocaust, and Nonviolence."

Current position: Director for Holocaust Education, The William Bremen Jewish History Museum.

Corinn Columpar. Ph.D. Thesis "Hybridity as Spectacle: Borders and Their Transgression in Contemporary Cinema."

Current position: Associate Professor of Cinema Studies and English, University of Toronto.

Becca Cragin. Ph.D. Thesis "Speaking the Self: Lesbian and Gay Viewers of Television Talk Shows."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Popular Culture, Bowling Green University.

Victoria Sturtevant. Ph.D. Thesis "Domestic Disorder: Women in American Film Comedy, 1930-1940."

Current position: Associate Professor of Film and Video Studies, University of Oklahoma-Norman.


Carrie Baker. Ph.D. Thesis "Sex, Power, and Politics: The Origins of Sexual Harrassment Policy in the United States."

Current position: Assistant Professor, Study of Women and Gender, Smith College.

Susan Cummings. Ph.D. Thesis "Performing Selves: Contemporary Women's Autobioexpression."

Current position: Lecturer, Department of English and Women's Studies, The College of St. Rose.

Lisa Diedrich. Ph.D. Thesis "Treatments: Negotiating Bodies, Language, and Death in Illness Narratives."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, SUNY-Stony Brook.

Yar Gonway-Gono. Ph.D. Thesis "Looking In and Coming Out: A Critical Inquiry in the Life Histories and Moral Dilemmas of Liberian Women in Atlanta."

Current position: President, Nimba County Community College, Nimba, Liberia.

Janell Hobson. Ph.D. Thesis "Beauty Difference, and the Hottentot Venus: Black Feminist Revisions in Performance and Aesthetics, 1810 to the Present."

Current position: Associate Professor, Women's Studies, SUNY-Albany.


Patrcia Duncan. Ph.D. Thesis "A History of Un/Saying: Silences, Memory, and Historiography in Asian American Women's Narratives."

Current position: Associate Professor, Women's Studies, Oregon State University.

Michelle Golden. Ph.D. Thesis "Inequity from Within? A Study of Social Movement Organizations."

Current position: Director of Service Learning, California State University-San Bernadino.

Jennifer Bernhardt Steadman. Ph.D. Thesis "Travel Writing and Resistance: A Feminist Reading of Travel Narratives by African-American and Euro-American Women, 1820-1860."

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, English and American Studies, Trinity College.


Elizabeth Engelhardt. Ph.D. Thesis "Southern Appalachian Ecological Literature and Feminism: Women Authors Address the Land, 1890-1910."

Current position: Associate Professor, American Studies and Women's and Gender Studies, University of Texas.

Kimberly Springer. Ph.D. Thesis "Our Politics Was Black Women': Black Feminist Organization, 1968-1980."

Current: Associate Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Ohio State University.


Maria Bevacqua. Ph.D. Thesis "Rape on the Public Agenda: Feminist Consciousness and the Politics of Sexual Assault."

Current position: Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, Minnesota State University-Mankato.

Sheila Hughes. Ph.D. Thesis "Bridging Bodies of Work: The Poetic and the Prophetic in Women's Literature and Feminist Theology."

Current position: Associate Professor and Chair, English, University of Dayton.

Allison Kimmich. Ph.D. Thesis "Borders, Bodies, and Secrets: Discovering the Subject in Contemporary American Autobiographies."

Current position: Executive Director, National Women's Studies Association.

Lauraine Leblanc. Ph.D. Thesis "The Flowers in Your Dustbin: Girls in the North American Punk Subcultures of the 1990s."

Current position: Coordinator, Quebec Public Interest Research Group, McGill University.

Vivian May. Ph.D. Thesis "Dividing Lines and Binding Words: Border Subjectivity in Contemporary Canadian and American Literature."

Current position: Associate Professor, Women's Studies, Syracuse University.


Paula Washington. Ph.D. Thesis "Charismatic Leadership, Gender, and Corporate Culture, A Study of Chief Executive

Officers and Their Senior Management Teams."

Current position: Coowner, President and Managing Partner, The WOMENTOR Group. Senior Vice President and CFO, Edward Washington & Associates, Inc.

Isa Williams. Ph.D. Thesis "Father/Daughter Relationship: An Investigation of the Socioeconomic Impact on Career Choice."

Current position: Associate Professor, Women's Studies, Agnes Scott College.