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Amanda Anderson Ph.D. Dissertation: “Is My Blackness Getting On You? Race, Porousness, and the Problem of Empathy"

 Samantha Wrisley Ph.D. Dissertation: "Misogyny, a Condition: Feminism, Heteropessimism, and the Self"


Suzanne C. Persard “ Queering Jahaji: An Indo-Caribbean Genealogy of Speculative Erotics”


Haylee Harrell Ph.D. Thesis: “ The Monstrous Mulatta:  A Feminist Genealogy of A Peculiar Invention” 

Samia Vasa Ph.D. Thesis:  “On Not Being Able to End Rape” 

Caroline Warren Ph.D. Thesis: “Caring and Killing: Care Work and Feminist Ethics in the Animal Research Laboratory” 


Taryn Danielle Jordan Ph.D. Thesis: “A Peculiar Sense: A Feminist Genealogy of Black Soul” 

Jordan Lea Johnson Ph.D. Thesis: “Into the Forest Archive: A Feminist Genealogy of the Postindustrial Pineywoods” 

Ryan Christine Kendall Ph.D. Thesis: “Uterographesis: A Queer-Feminist Theory of Sexual Reproduction” 

Stephanie Colleta Emma Maria Koziej Ph.D. Thesis: “Tender Rhythms. Re-Thinking Sexuality, Selfhood and Sociality Through the Hysteric's Desire for Tenderness” 


Suyun Choi Ph.D. Thesis:  “Going into Labor: Gender, Migration, and Neoliberal Lives in South Korea” 

Abidemi Omolara Fasanmi Ph.D. Thesis: “Examining Childhood Sexual Violence: An African Womanist Analysis of Sexual Violence Against Children in Nigeria” 

Ingrid Meintjes Ph.D. Thesis:  

“Bodies Built for Care: Decolonizing Social Robotics through Indigenous Technologies of Care”.


Chanel Craft Tanner. Ph.D. Thesis: "Beyond the Bars: Using U.S. Third World Feminism to Read Carcerality in Hip-Hop"

Natalie Turrin: Ph.D. Thesis: "Of a Similar Nature: Epigenetics and Feminist Science Studies in Conversation"


Mark Smith. Ph.D. Thesis: “Bypassing the asexual paradox: A strategic retelling of the history of asexuality”

Rachel Weitzenkorn. Ph.D. Thesis: "Faces of babies: Empirical evidence on the borders of biology, psychology, and feminism”


Lauran Whitworth. Ph.D. Thesis: "Environmental Eros: From Ecofeminism to Eco-Queer"

Mairead Sullivan. Ph.D. Thesis: "Strange Matter: Lesbian Death in Feminist and Queer Politics"

Nikki Karalekas. Ph.D. Thesis: "Strip Clubs and the Legal Everyday: Sex Work Studies and the Law"

Rachel Dudley. Ph.D. Thesis: "Haunted Hospital: J. Marion Sims and The Legacies of Enslaved Women"


Samantha Allen. Ph.D. Thesis: "Feeling Fetishes: Toward an Affective Theory of Sexuality."

Kristin Petersen. Ph.D. Thesis: "The Logic of Futurity: Reproduction, Cultural Eugenics."


Kelly Ball. Ph.D. Thesis "So Powerful a Form: Rethinking Girls' Sexuality."

Current position: Instructor in Women's Studies, Agnes Scott College

Alysia Davis. Ph.D. Thesis "To Honor and Obey: Hegemonic Negotiation in Contemporary Marriage Politics."

Current position: Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Whitney Peoples. Ph.D. Thesis "Beyond Birth Control: Public Life of YAZ and Rep's of Women's Repro Health in the US Public Sphere."

Current position: Post Doctoral Provost, University of Texas

Shani Settles. Ph.D. Thesis "Flesh and Blood, Breath and Spirit: African Diaspora Religions & Womanist Discourses of Wholeness."

Current position: Visiting Professor, Haverford College (PA)


Moya Bailey. Ph.D. Thesis "Race, Religion, and Gender in Early Emory School of Medicine Yearbooks."

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Northeastern University

Cyd Cipolla. Ph.D. Thesis "After These Horrendous Crimes, that Creature Forfeits his Rights: The Sexually Violent Offender as Exceptional Criminal."

Current position: Associate Faculty Individualized Study, NYU - Gallatin 

Kristina Gupta. Ph.D. Thesis "Compulsory Sexuality and Its Discontents: The Challenge of Contemporary Asexualities."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Wake Forest  

Aimi Hamraie. Ph.D. Thesis "What Can Universal Design Know?: Bodies as Evidence in Disability-Accessible Design."

Current position: Assistant Professor of Gender and Disability, Vanderbilt University

Aby Parsons. Ph.D. Thesis "Sapphic Scarlett's, Dixie Dykes, and Tomboys: Representing female - Bodies Queerness in Contemporary Southern Novels and Film."

Current position: Director of LGBTQIA Resource Center, Georgia Tech


Lisa C. Knisley. Ph.D. Thesis "The Gendered Subject of Violence: Towards a Feminist Account of Ethical Freedom."

Current position: Writer, Render: Feminist Food & Culture Quarterly

Stefanie Speanburg. Ph.D. Thesis "American, Woman, Borderline: The Material-Discursive Production of Borderline Personality."

Current position: Counselor, Private Practice, Atlanta

Angela LaGrotteria. Ph.D. Thesis "Engendering Regions in Contemporary Novels of Appalachia and the U.S. Southwest."

Current position: College Access Coordinator, Oberlin College

Shannan Palma. Ph.D. Thesis "Tales as Old as Time: Myth, Gender, and the Fairytale in American Popular Culture."

Current position: Program Coordinator for Diversity, Emory University

A. Rez Pullen. Ph.D. Thesis "Preface to Transgender: Fractures of the Wrong Body."

Current position: Dean, Wesley International Academy

Brandy Simula. Ph.D. Thesis "A `Different Economy of Bodies and Pleasures'?: Gender, Power, and Sexuality in BDSM Interactions."

Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Emory University.

Danica Camille Tisdale Fisher. Ph.D. Thesis "The Pageant Politic: Race and Representation in American Beauty Contests and Culture."

Current position: Fellowship Coordinator, Center for Global Education, Claremont McKenna College.

Erin Marie Tunney. Ph.D. Thesis  "Disrupting Patriarchy: Challenging Gender Violence in Post-Apartheid South Africa and Post-Conflict Northern Ireland."

Current position: Researcher, Gender Inequality in Governmentm University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Jae Turner [Mary J. Turner]. Ph.D. Thesis "Mary E. Hutchinson: The Absence of an Oeuvre."

Current position: Adjunct professor, Kennesaw State University and the University of West Georgia

Elizabeth Venell. Ph.D. Thesis " Queer Projections: Sexuality and Visibility through the Avant-Garde Lens."

Current position: Adjunct professor, Emory University, Oxford College.

Sarah Vitorino. Ph.D. Thesis "Overcoming the Odds: Understanding Formerly Incarcerated Women's Desistance from Crime."

Current position: Life coach and Inspirational speaker


Sarah Prince. Ph.D. Thesis "With `Two Throats and One Eye': Abject Female Friendships in Contemporary American Women's Novels."

Elizabeth Simoneau. Ph.D. Thesis "Subjugated Citizenship: The Politics and Psychology of Domesticity in The Street by Ann Petry, The Dollmaker by Hariette Arnow, and The Changelings by Jo Sinclair."

Current position: Copy Editor, PreMedia Global.


Paula Jayne. Ph.D. Thesis "U.S. Attitudes toward Adolescent Sexual Activity: A Feminist Analysis of the Second Demographic Transition."

Current position: Safety Unintential Injury, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jennifer M. Nelson. Ph.D. Thesis "Separate Shelves: Gender Distinctions and Market Segmentation in American Children's Publishing: 1860-1960."

David Rubin. Ph.D. Thesis "Intersex Before and After Gender."

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Angela Willey. Ph.D. Thesis "From Pair Bonding to Polygamy: A Feminist Critique of Naturalizing Discourses on Monogamy and Non-Monogamy."

Current position: Assistant Professor, Feminist Science Studies, UMASS Amherst/Five Colleges