Certificate Program

The Certificate in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is designed for doctoral students in other departments at Emory. Graduate students must obtain consent from their advisor before beginning the program, which constitutes the equivalent of one of the student's fields for the doctorate. Students are strongly encouraged to begin the program by their second year. A Certificate Declaration Form (see Appendix VII) must be completed and submitted to the WGSS Graduate Program Coordinator when entering the program. Please note all courses to be counted toward the certificate must be taken for a letter grade.
All certificate students are required to take WGS 700 ProSeminar. In special cases, instead of taking Pro Seminar a student may take one of the following theory courses following permission of the instructor:
  • WGS 751 Feminist Theory
  • WGS 585 Queer Theory
For any other courses to satisfy the theory requirement, students must get approval from the DGS prior to taking the course.
  • Three (3) other WGSS graduate courses (12 hours total). These may be WGS courses or courses cross-listed with WGSS. Courses relating to women or women's issues which do not have WGS course numbers must be approved by the WGSS DGS. A syllabus should be submitted with the request for approval.
  • An interdisciplinary paper, which may develop out of a research paper for a course and which should be about the length of a publishable article (20-30pp). This paper is typically approved by a member of the Core or Associated WGSS Faculty (a dissertation chapter may be submitted in lieu of an interdisciplinary paper.)
  • Attendance at four events (i.e. research workshops or major lectures, etc.) over the course of one academic year.*
*In order to get credit for attending an event, students must submit to the Graduate Program Coordinator a one-paragraph summary including a header which contains the student's name, event title, event location, and event date. Submissions will be reviewed and validated by the Director of Graduate Studies and will be stored in student files maintained by the department as part of the record of completion of the certificate. Students may choose to submit four summaries at once or to send them in one at a time as they are completed. If a student is considering attending an event but is unsure about its eligibility for this requirement, he or she is responsible for contacting the Graduate Program Coordinator to find out whether or not the event qualifies.
EFFECTIVE FALL 2017: The certificate program will replace the required WGS 700 course with one of either two WGSS theory courses: WGS 751: Feminist Theory or WGS 752: Queer Theory. The remaining requirements of the certificate program, including the additional three courses (for a total of 12 hours), remain unchanged.
For a list of current WGSS Certificate students, please click here.