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Megan RossProvost’s Postdoctoral Fellow - WGSS & Philosphy

Megan Ross is the Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow teaching queer and feminist legal theories and philosophy of law at Emory. She is the author of an upcoming book Lady Laws: Feminists and Flappers at the League of Nations. Her work engages with alternative genealogies of feminist legal theory, examining theories and stories that have been traditionally marginalized in histories of feminist theory. Her work has been published in the Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy and the Southern Poverty Law Center Journal of Race, Law and Poverty.  


Her current project is a three-part article series that examines the feminist legal theory being developed in the sex worker rights movement in the 1970s and 1980s. Engaging with theories of anti-carceral and black feminisms along with queer and trans legal theory, this project narrates how feminist theory about sexual politics was developing outside of the university, in the streets and in courtrooms, and what lessons academic feminists can learn from these stories. Dr. Ross is actively engaged in the sex worker, prisoner rights and labor movements.