The Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers two kinds of awards for undergraduate majors and minors:  The Outstanding Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Student Award and Conference Travel Awards.  Information about both awards is below.  Please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies if you have any remaining questions.

Outstanding Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Student Award 

Each spring, the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies invites nominations from WGS faculty and graduate instructors for up to two Outstanding Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Student Awards.  These awards recognize outstanding student performances in WGS academics and leadership by graduating senior WGS majors and minors.

Award criteria: 
The selection committee will consider information about the student's scholarly achievements such as:  the student's performance in WGS courses, GPA in WGS, participation in the Honors program, independent research with WGS faculty, presentations at conferences, and so on.  The selection committee can also consider the student's WGS leadership activities, including service to Emory WGS (e.g., as undergrad representative to the UG committee), active participation in WGS events (e.g., WGS lectures, Student-to-Scholar lunches, etc.), WGS community building activities (e.g., WGS students who organize a group to go to events/marches/service projects together, etc.), and other feminist activism/leadership at Emory, in Atlanta, or elsewhere.

Nomination process:
Faculty and graduate instructors will be invited to submit their nominations via email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies each Spring.  Please provide as much information as possible about the nominee's qualifications for this award in your nomination.  The award recipients will be chosen by the faculty on the WGS Undergraduate Committee. Winners will be announced at the WGS End of Year Party in April.

Conference Travel Awards for WGS Undergraduates 

The Emory Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers a limited number of travel funding awards each year to support WGS students in presenting their research and scholarship at academic conferences.

Students who wish to apply for departmental support for conference travel must be WGS majors or minors, and must be giving a formal presentation on the conference program. 

Terms of the Awards:
Students may receive WGS department support for travel to one conference each academic year. The award shall not exceed $800/person each academic year. 

Application Process:
1)  To apply for travel money, each student must submit the following materials to the DUS:

     a) A short letter of application.  This letter should explain the conference's academic relevance, should specify the amount requested, and list the other funding sources to which the student will apply (e.g., SIRE, the Center for Women, other departments as appropriate). 

     b) A 2 page abstract of the paper that details the argument as well as the methods of inquiry. 

     c) A copy of the student's transcript.

     d) An official description of the conference (e.g., from a conference website).

     e) A copy of the student's official acceptance letter or email. 

     f) A description of the session in which the student will participate.

     g) An estimated line item budget of total expenses (conference registration fee, airfare, ground transportation, hotel, meals, etc.). Students should consult with the WGS Office Manager, about these expenses prior to submission.

     h)  A letter of support from a WGS Core, Associated, or Graduate member of the faculty, preferably from someone familiar with the research in question.  This letter should be submitted directly to the DUS by the recommender.

2) Students who submit requests to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies must simultaneously apply to the SIRE program (Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Education) for travel funds.  Students should discuss this process with the DUS.

3)  Applications will be reviewed by the DUS with input from the faculty on the WGS Undergraduate Committee as necessary.

4)  Students will be notified via email of the department's decision within approximately 2 weeks.

Travel and Reimbursement Procedures:
1)  Students will be responsible for communicating with the WGS Department's Office Manager before incurring any conference expenses. Most conference expenses are handled by reimbursement, so all receipts should be retained.

2)  Within 10 days of returning from the conference, students must submit:
     a)  their receipts and a copy of the conference program page(s) showing their name and participation to the WGS Department's Office Manager.
     b) a 1 paragraph email to the DUS describing and evaluating their conference experience.