Requirements for Major (for students declaring a WGS Major on or after August 24, 2016 - includes HFTA requirement)
For a major in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, a student must take a total of 36 credit hours with a minimum of 10 courses:

  • WGS 200 (Introduction to Women's Studies)
  • WGS 205 (Introduction to Studies in Sexualities) -- only offered in the Spring
  • WGS 300 (Feminist Theory) -- only offered in the Spring
  • WGS 490 (Senior Seminar) -- only offered in the Fall
  • 6 to 7 electives from at least 3 of the following clusters:

- 1. Global Perspectives

- 2. Race, Ethnicity, Economics

- 3. Bodies, Sexualities, Science and Health

- 4. Culture and the Arts

- 5. Ethics, Religion, Politics, and Law

- HFTA History of Feminist Thought and Activism Cluster 

The double major consists of a major in WGS and a major in another department. The student may use one cross-listed course to satisfy both majors. Courses taken to fulfill the major in WGS must be taken for a letter grade and not pass/fail. Use the WGS majors checklist (with HFTA requirements) or the WGS majors checklist (without HFTA requirements) to check your status for completing the WGS major.

Oxford Continuees: Will any of my Oxford credits transfer?

Yes. Introduction to Women's Studies (WGS_OX 200), Gender, Race and Sexuality (WGS_OX 202),  Transnational Feminisms (WGS_OX 300), and any Special Topics In Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS_OX 385R). Any relevant cross-listed courses.

  • WGS_OX 100 is equivalent to WGS 200 (Introduction to Women's Studies)
  • WGS_OX 202 is equivalent to WGS 205 (Introduction to Studies in Sexualities)
  • WGS_OX 300 is equivalent to WGS 300 (Feminist Theory or special topics electives, courses must be approved by the WGS Director of Undergraduate Studies for core credit.)
  • WGS_OX 385R is equivalent to WGS 385 (special topics electives)
  • The department recognizes courses included by the Registrar's Office on a student's transcript. There is no petition process for credits not included by the Registrar.

How do I declare a Major/Minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies?

The following form allows students to declare a majors/minors or to remove an existing major/minor from their record. Please read the notes below BEFORE completing the form.

Declaration of Major/Minor Form


  1. Seniors who have already submitted degree applications should not submit this form but should email with their request.

  2. Once submitted, you will receive an email with directions to contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the WGSS Office, Candler Library 128C for next steps. Your major/minor will not be changed until your complete the WGSS entrance survey and the Undergraduate Program Coordinator authorizes the change to the Registrar.  

  3. This form is best viewed on Internet Explorer or Safari

  4. If you have any questions about the form or the process, please contact or (404) 727-9321.