Requirements for Major (for students declaring a WGS Major on or after August 24, 2016 - includes HFTA requirement)
For a major in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, a student must take a total of 36 credit hours with a minimum of 10 courses:

  • WGS 200 (Introduction to Women's Studies)
  • WGS 205 (Introduction to Studies in Sexualities) -- only offered in the Spring
  • WGS 300 (Feminist Theory) -- only offered in the Spring
  • WGS 490 (Senior Seminar) -- only offered in the Fall
  • 6 to 7 electives from at least 3 of the following clusters:

- 1. Global Perspectives

- 2. Race, Ethnicity, Economics

- 3. Bodies, Sexualities, Science and Health

- 4. Culture and the Arts

- 5. Ethics, Religion, Politics, and Law

- HFTA History of Feminist Thought and Activism Cluster

The double major consists of a major in WGS and a major in another department. The student may use one cross-listed course to satisfy both majors. Courses taken to fulfill the major in WGS must be taken for a letter grade and not pass/fail. Use the WGS majors checklist (with HFTA requirements) or the WGS majors checklist (without HFTA requirements) to check your status for completing the WGS major.

Oxford Continuees: WS_OX 100: Introduction to Women's Studies will count towards your core requirements as WGS 200: Introduction to WGSS. WS_OX 200: Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality will count as an elective. All other courses must be approved by the WGS Director of Undergraduate Studies for credit.