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Alumni Spotlight

Anna Duncan

anna duncanDegree and Year

Double major in Psychology and WGSS, 2017

Professional Title

Volunteer Coordinator for Grady Trauma Project


Grady Memorial Hospital and Emory University School of Medicine

Professional Background

Will eventually go into a social work and public health-related field!

How has being a WGSS graduate from Emory shaped your life and career?

Being a WGSS graduate from Emory has shaped my entire career path, and continues to inform how I approach decisions in every day life. It motivated me to pursue a career in social work and public health, with the goal of incorporating intersectional feminist theory and knowledge learned through the major into the field of Psychology, a historically white, western discipline. My studies in WGSS continue to push me to think critically about existing social structures and to further my own education regarding social justice and activism.