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Reilly Doak

Reilly Doak

Degree and Year

International Studies/ WGSS Minor

Professional Title

World History Teacher at Forest Park High School


Clayton County Public Schools

Professional Background

I am completing my commitment to Teach for America and am currently serving in my second year. At this time I am applying to law school for the 2021-2022 school year.

How has being a WGSS graduate from Emory shaped your life and career?

I credit my WGSS experience at Emory with shaping me into a deeper thinker who considers multiple perspectives in any situation, a creative problem solver, and with making me more intentional with the language I use.  WGSS is a discipline which required me to become comfortable with completely new ideas and to draw conclusions based on these new perspectives, oftentimes those which I had never before considered. In my current career as a teacher, I use these skills daily, working with students whose identities for the most part vary greatly from my own. These skills help me foster strong relationships with my students and to clearly communicate with them both instructionally and to ensure they know that they are valued as their holistic selves in my classroom. I believe these same skills have prepared me for law school and will serve me well as I embark on my goal of becoming an attorney.