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Students selected for this program will take a graduate seminar, complete an honors thesis, and will defend that thesis in an oral examination.

undergrad-honors.jpgThere are also mandatory Emory College requirements in the Fall and Spring semesters, including meetings, deadlines for degree applications, and the electronic submission of the thesis. For a detailed explanation of the Honors Program please view the undergraduate handbook.

Step 1: Rules and Application. 

  • Complete the the WGSS "Application for Honors" online form here, a writing sample (preferably a research paper), and a one-paragraph description of your proposed research topic by March 1st, 2024. You can find the application here

Step 2: Faculty Evaluations after application submission

  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies will solicit evaluations from at least two of the WGSS faculty (core and associated) who have had the student in a class.

Step 3: Acceptance into the Honors Program.

  • The WGSS undergraduate program committee will evaluate the quality of the application and decide whether to accept a student into the WGSS Honors Program. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will inform the applicant in writing of the outcome of those deliberations.

Step 4: Select a Thesis Advisor and Project Proposal deadline. 

  • Identify a thesis advisor (a regular Emory University faculty member for any schools or units) and submit, by email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, a two-page project proposal detailing their argument or question and planned methods of inquiry by May 1.

Step 5: Register for WGS 495RW (Honors Research) and satisfy progress.

  • Students must register for WGS 495RW (Honors Research) in both semesters of the senior year.
  • Students must also maintain a 3.7 overall GPA to remain in the Honors Program.

Step 6: Register for a Graduate Course.

  • Review the graduate courses and descriptions offered by the Laney Graduate School in WGSS or relatable held
  • Request a registration access code and forward the professor's approval email to the WGSS Graduate Coordinator

Step 7: Committee Formation. 

  • Students must choose two additional faculty members to serve on their Honors committee their senior year. At least one member of the committee must be a WGSS core or affiliated faculty. 

Step 8: Oral Thesis Defense. 

  • Students must submit their completed thesis to their thesis committee at least two weeks prior to the oral defense.
  • Students must successfully defend their thesis in an oral examination before their thesis committee no later than April 1st.