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Study Abroad

Consult the Emory College Study Abroad website for information on programs, requirements, and application procedures. You will need to obtain DUS pre-approval for study abroad credit. To request DUS approval, select selected a program, complete the academic course plan, and apply at least one semester prior to their study abroad.

  • WGS majors may apply to no more than 3 study abroad courses (maximum of 9 credit hours) toward the fulfillment of elective course requirements.
  • WGS minors may apply to no more than 1 study abroad or transient study course (maximum of 4 credit hours) toward fulfillment of elective course requirements
  • No study abroad course can be used to fulfill a core requirement (WGS 100, 205, 300, 490, and the History of Feminist Thought & Activism course).
  • Last-minute approvals for changes to the study abroad coursework are not guaranteed immediate response. Response time of at least a week is to be expected.